A 3rd Team Meeting 5/25

Last Sunday we completed our 3rd Official Team Meeting.

At this point plans are coming together. The Team Roster is official, airline tickets have been reserved, responsibilities have been assigned, and prayer and practice continue.


As we look ahead to our journey, I am reminded of I Corinthians 3 which discusses how Paul had planted, Apollos had watered; but it was God who gave the increase. Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one. We are laborours together with God. Short term missions trips like this one provide a unique opportunity for many people.

Our church’s missions motto is based on Acts 1:8, “In our homes, Across the Street, and Around the World.” Brandon, and the Foundation Leadership Team, have prayed, planned, and promoted, missions trips for our church’s youth group into

  • ministries in our Local Area such as retirement communities, Food Banks, & Rescue Missions
  • ministries outside our immediate area such as Wayumi, Broken Arrow, and Word of Life, and
  • ministry trips such as this one to the children and people of Costa Rica.

Short Term Mission Trips are an important element in exposing individuals to missions. It pushes you outside your comfort zone and exposes you to ideas, people, and ways of life you may never have otherwise experienced.

If you talk to full time missionaries serving in the field today, people serving on missions committees, missions boards, or serving at home and supporting full time missionaries, you will find a commonality among many of them…the Lord used a short term missions trip to ignite a passion within them for missions.

When we go to Costa Rica there is a language barrier we must work through. Most of us speak very, very little Spanish and will be working with translators. But we will go and we will share the good news of the Gospel…we will plant seeds in the orphanages of San Jose, in the muddy streets of Alejualita, in the soccer fields of Cartago, and in detention centers housing murderers and thieves. We will go partnering with local missionaries to share the message of hope.

We are asking that you join our team. Please pray for us. Pray for opportunities, pray that God will use us, and use this trip.

This year we will be taken Spanish copies of the Bible with us and are asking that you partner with us to provide the Word of God into the hands of people we are able to minister to.

Our last visit to Alajuelita we held VBS for one week. We noticed some of our ministry items would disappear if we did not carefully watch them.

The kids there have very little. Many of these people live in extreme poverty, in homes with dirt floors and no running water other than the open trench of raw sewage that runs down the hillside.

The kids would take balloons and treasure them as prized possessions.

A Bible in the hand of one of these individuals could change lives.

Imagine being a teenager sentenced to years upon end sitting in a prison.

 Now imagine a gringo from the states coming to you in prison and sharing the same news of the Gospel that the local Tico missionary has been sharing with you.

Now imagine receiving your very own copy of the Gospel. One that you can read for yourself, and one that you can bring with you when that local missionary returns to ask questions about what you have been reading.

How many of you would like to have a part in this story? This is a story that does not end on July 17 of this year when we return to the states. This is a story that we may never know the full details of until we get to Heaven.

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