Reaching Cartago for Christ

IMG_5529[1]Saturday night we went to a church in the city of Cartago. Cartago is a city that is very Catholic. This church has only been a church for about six months. We were the first missionaries to go there and minister to them. It was a youth group of about 20. We arrived and spent time singing together. We performed a skit and two members of our team shared their testimony with the group. We were able to give the teenagers Spanish Bibles. Bibles are very expensive in Costa Rica and many places here don’t have Bibles. The pastor was very thankful that we brought Bibles for the teens. I had the opportunity to teach a lesson on submitting to the authority God has placed over us. As you know, here in Costa Rica, the people all speak Spanish. So everything  we did as we were serving at the church had to be interpreted for those we were ministering too. Sarah help us with some of the translation and Jordan our missionary did the rest of the translating while we were there in the church. After the message, we played a game with the youth. There might have been a chair broken in the process. The pastor of the church shared a message on enjoying our life, removing the fear from our hearts, and stepping out of our flesh and worldly desires. We went from the youth group to eat dinner. We had chicken, beans, rice, salad and fries. We were able to try a new drink called “cas” it was like a lemonade apple cider. Then we headed back to to the hotel where we are staying to end the night. As many of you know, I went on the missions trip here three years ago. I decided to come back and minister  again because the first time I was here I really saw God work in the people through us and even work in us as a team. I am a team leader this time, and I have learned a lot about God and His Word since the last time I was here. Please keep us in your prayers and pray for this church as they are seeking God and as many of those people are new believers or even still in the Catholic faith.

      – Bennett Webber

2 thoughts on “Reaching Cartago for Christ

  1. Wow, God was good! Glad to hear you got all your luggage and that the first day, you were able to tell of Gods love. Praying daily for you all.


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