Our Sunday Service

This morning went a little different than we had originally planned. Previously, we had thought that we would be attending a church and doing one song and maybe a skit. However, the night before we had been told that instead we would be responsible for the entire service of that morning. This gave us around a two hour time slot to fill with only about 15 minutes of planned material. Luckily, or rather by God’s grace, we were able to pull together a service that we could do when we arrived at the church.
The morning started with a team meeting in an extra hotel room. We practiced skits, puppets, and had an orientation with Jordan. After that we ate a breakfast that was provided by the hotel and prepared to leave for the church. The church was called Iglesia Christiana la Verdad and was the same church we had attended the night before for a youth group. It was nice to see some familiar faces and to spend some more time with them. There were several more people that had come for the service. This did make the already small room more crowded, but it we were all glad to see people taking time out of their day to attend.

– Katie Zell

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