The Problems with Puppets

This morning, after eating breakfast and going over everything we would be doing today, we headed to the village of Alejualita. Walking into the village was a little terrifying. We had to walk on boards that held us over streams of mud and water, which contained things that we did not want to fall into. As we got to the village, we immediately started playing with the kids who were there. They swarmed the face painting, and soon we saw kids covered in painted smiley faces, rainbows, hearts, and butterflies. I had the opportunity to hold the jump rope for kids. It was challenging to communicate with them, but knowing some Spanish basics and how to smile went a long way. Stray dogs had been roaming around, and one decided that the jump rope was a dog toy. When there was an opportunity, the dog tried to steal the rope. To the delight of the children, a game started of trying to win the jump rope back from the very strong dog.

Soon enough, we began setting up for puppets and our other program items such as the songs. The children were very interested in our ministry items. We gathered the children and started singing some songs. We sang, “Yo Tengo Gozo” and “La B I B L I A.” After the songs, we used notecards to teach the children Juan (John) 3:16. The puppet show started, and this is when we hit a challenge. One of the puppets dropped, because the team member in charge of the puppet was hit in the eye by a rock that was thrown. Everyone chipped in and helped the eye, so that no damage was done. Aside from the puppet show, a violin was played, testimonies were shared, a lesson was given, prizes were given for good listeners, and final songs were sung.

Throughout the meetings and the time we have been here, we have had to prepare to be flexible and actually be flexible. Today, our flexibility was tested when another group showed up to the village. They were from Florida and were working with another missions organization, 6:8 missions. Neither of us knew the other would be there, so we tried to embrace the surprise as best we could. Both groups are working towards the same mission, and we were able to try and support each other. We know more challenges will arise throughout the week. Whether it is a rock in the eye or a dog with a rope, we know that we need to rely on God to get us through. He is our strength, and he can help us overcome all obstacles.

-Tessa Rutkowski

3 thoughts on “The Problems with Puppets

  1. Great writing Tessa! I’m so sad to hear that it was my daughter that was hit, but I hope her eyesight improves quickly! Praying for the entire team!


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