An Afternoon of Futbol

At about noon we ate lunch and the food was excellent. Then after lunch we headed to the first soccer camp where the girls went outside to play volleyball and the guys played soccer inside. After we played a few games, we started with our program. First we started with a song called Days of Elijah then we did a puppet show called Hijo Prodigal (The Prodigal Son) everyone did great at knowing when their part was. After that we did two dramas, “Everything” and “The Sin Chair.” We all remembered when to come in and who was up next so everything went great. Then Janelle played a song called “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and she also shared her testimony as well as Maribeth. After we were done with our program the guys headed outside to play soccer and the girls stayed inside and played volley ball. Some of the guys from our group played on the team that won so we were all proud of that. Then we went to another soccer camp that was outside and the guys and girls were split into two groups and went through different drills to help them to get better at playing soccer. After we were done with the soccer drills we had our program to do. First we sang Days Of Elijah and Brandon said we needed to work on the clapping and staying on beat.

Then we did the “Everything” drama again which we did better than the first time. Also Janelle play the violin and shared her testimony a second time. Then we did the “Sin Chair” drama again and got better every time we did it. Then to finish out our program Maribeth shared her testimony. After we were done at the second soccer camp we went to eat and the food was very good as always (Rice and Beans). When we were done eating we came back to the hotel and did our devotions. We were studying in the book of John. And we also talked about what we were going to do the next day.

– Evan Yeagley

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