When We are Weak, He is Strong!

We ate a delicious lunch of the normal here: rice & black beans, salad or french fries, and meat (chicken, pork or fish). Fruit drinks are served with every meal. They have pulp and are sometimes thick. Today I tried passion fruit. Oh so yummy!! It’s definitely my favorite so far! We are all eating well and everyone is trying new things which is very exciting!
Following lunch we had a very long drive, over an hour. Our amazing bus driver, Orlando, is incredible at maneuvering the bus through busy traffic, tight turns, hills and round-a-bouts. I would not want to drive here for sure! Our drive took us to Pueblito, a government run orphanage that houses about 150 kids. When we arrived there we played soccer, basketball, threw Frisbee, jumped rope, did face painting and played with the about 40 kids that came. These kids are just so cute! We then had a program including singing, a puppet show, teaching them John 3:16 (in Spanish), a violin solo by Janelle, testimony, drama and craft. Prizes were given to six children who participated and were attentive. The gospel was clearly given and we pray that seeds were planted and will take root and grow.
Our next stop was a soccer clinic that Jordan, the missionary with SCORE, assists with. We began with a program very similar to what we did at the orphanage. The teens had amazing attitudes as it rained on us a short time (it is the rainy season in Costa Rica) and was quite chilly. After that, the boys were split up by age and practiced drills and played a game. The girls were all together because there were only 10. Our coach (Maribeth) ran drills. The language barrier made this interesting, but we have Sarah with us to interpret and one Costa Rican girl spoke English so that helped tremendously. Insert flexibility here: they got tired of drills and wanted to play a game. They are quite good! Yikes! The gentleman who is in charge of the soccer clinic split us into teams, half of them, half of us on each team. We did the best we could and pretty much just ran around. We felt like we did a terrible job, but they told the man in charge they had a great time! What an encouragement to see God working through our weakness!
We ended the day with a slightly Americanized meal…seasoned spaghetti noodles instead of rice! Again, delicious as always! Then off to the meeting room for group devotions, evaluation of the day and prep for tomorrow.

– Sherri Shirk

One thought on “When We are Weak, He is Strong!

  1. Sounds like a great day serving and trying new things. Looking forward to hearing more about it. Praying for you all!


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