Cot Ministry

Today we ate lunch at the church we have been working with in Cot. The church family there has been very generous in helping us to do our ministry and has been a huge blessing. Today they fed us very well as always with grilled chicken, rice and beans, and an amazing salad. After we ate lunch we had some down time before the children and parents were going to come to Vacation Bible School (VBS) so the team came together and began preparing for the crafts at VBS.

At this point the team divided into two groups, one group made an assembly line like production in order to mass produce the wordless book bracelet into baggies to hand out to the children to make. This group put the needed colored beads into plastic bags with tracts explaining the bracelets. The other group was cutting out coloring pages to give to the children individually to color. This group was also cutting out construction paper to put into Popsicle frames and color a picture inside it.

Once the physical preparations for VBS were completed we began practicing for our funny skits that we were to present later. We learned a “Car Wash” skit in which two groups of people “drove” through a car wash comprised of team members who soaked, polished, and dried the unfortunate members who drove through. The other skit we learned was a skit involving bubble gum. During this skit a person walks up to a chair and places their chewed gum on it. Another person then walks up and accidentally touches it then proceeds to place it on the ground. After moving the gum all over the stage numerous times the original person comes back, not realizing the gum had been moved and places it back into their mouth. This skit was extremely repulsive and got a good laugh from the kids already at the church.

At this time children began arriving for VBS and were channeled into the main room where we presented to them. Today there were a fewer people than yesterday however, it was a blessing because it was pouring down rain so we did not have enough room to accommodate the amount of kids we had yesterday. This was amazing to see because although we thought we wanted more kids, it wouldn’t have worked today. This was truly a gift sent from God because we had all the team could handle with this amount of space. We began our program like we normally do with a few songs. We sang “Cristo Ama”, “Soldado De Jesus”, and “La B-I-B-L-I-A”. The kids were very attentive to the songs and a lot of them were even doing the motions. This was truly amazing because a bunch of gringos were flailing their arms around like insane people. The next activity was the Noah puppet skit. A man (Noah) is calling a pet store and requesting 2 of each animal. The pet shop owner has to figure out how to acquire 2 of each animal. He realizes that he must go to Australia to get a rare animal, so he asks an employee to go and find it. The skit is meant to represent how difficult it would be to round up 2 of each animal and that only with God could it be done. Afterwards we sang “Days of Elijah”, and Bennett was making goofy faces in order to make the people singing smile. Hunter was then ready to give his first testimony of the week. It was very good and he told the kids that they can receive the gift of salvation if they believe in Jesus and confess their sins. We then split the kids into two groups, the 5 year olds and younger went to play duck duck goose. Once the goose festivities ended they began coloring for the duration of their time. The older group played “upset the fruit basket”, a game in which you are assigned a fruit and a chair. Whenever your fruit is called you must get up and find an open chair or else you will be caught in the middle and have to call the next fruit. We had already broken several chairs doing such activities so we opted for small plastic cones that the children sat on. Once all of the older children’s energy was expelled from them we taught them how to make the wordless book bracelet. We gave each child one bracelet for themselves, and one to give to a friend to spread the good news to people who could not attend. At this time the team was ready to present our full ministry production.

We started the second half of our regularly scheduled program with a lesson about Jonah. In this lesson Sarah reads the story of Jonah whilst her sidekicks, Brandon and Tessa did a visual representation with balloons. We then presented Philippians 4:13 and did an amazing skit using chalk to draw a cross with different colors representing the gospel. To keep things lively we did one of our puppet songs “Contare Gloria” and sang “Tengo Paz”, and “Yo Tengo Gozo”. We rounded out the day with a testimony from Bennett which was very powerful and eye opening to how much someone’s life changes when coming to Christ. Alas it was time to pack up and head to dinner.

We went to one of our regular stops for dinner. It is a small restaurant that is connected to a carwash. We had a cheese burger, potato fries, and a salad. After dinner we had the opportunity to go to Walmart and purchase any Costa Rica food or drinks we like, along with any souvenirs we may want to take home. After many purchases and cashiers investigating our American currency, it was time to head back to the hotel and do our devotionals. Today devotionals were titled “blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” It was a study of Jonah 3 and 4 which showed the immense hypocrisy and stubbornness of us when we want to go against God’s plan. After devotions we planned the next day out, got our grade for the day (a B-) and were on our way to bed. Ps: my apologies if this is off topic at times or doesn’t seem to make sense, I am hysterically tired at this moment.

      – Reilly Thomas

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