From One Mom to Another

The mother in me tends to come out from time to time. On the streets of Cot, I found myself checking to see who remembered to put sunscreen on, hugging the girls to keep them warm as the rain came, and telling the boys to get away from the dead rat on the street. I am so proud of each one of these kids. They were jumping to hand out tracts to start a discussion, to help with face painting, and to give candy and balloon animals to so many on the streets of Cot. It’s amazing how well the kids are doing with their Spanish. They helped correct my Spanish after I told someone “Your name is Jesus” instead of “Jesus loves you.” It was one syllable different…give me a little break.

This team isn’t worried about who they sit with on the bus, who they’re partnered up with on the streets, or complaining about earthly desires. They are so unified and working together. It’s refreshing. Their focus is on God and spreading the wonderful gospel message. As I miss my own kids, I know you miss yours as well. From one mom to another, you can be so proud they are doing exactly what we want them to do and what I desire my kids to do someday. You have trained up your children in the ways of the Lord and they are definitely not departing from it this week.

One highlight of our ministry on the streets today was when one of the policemen, who also needs Jesus, stopped the bus to get on and personally give out our tracts. This is a huge step for this town. They don’t have a good relationship with the police. The police were more then willing to stand with us and share with the people about our upcoming VBS and took lessons from Brandon on how to make balloon animals. They truly desire to not only protect this town but to be relational and sacrificial. It was a huge blessing to have them with us and made an incredible impact on the town. So moms, your kids were extra protected today through sunscreen, the police, and our Heavenly Father.

– Maribeth Davis

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