Mundo Fe’s First VBS

Today we went to a church in Cot, Cartago to help them run their first ever VBS. After a long morning of handing out tracks we were excited to see what God would do at the VBS. There ended up being more than 100 people in attendance including parents. But this meant that we had to have it outside in a field near the church. An important thing to know, is that we were not prepared for the sun. I, personally, did a very bad job applying sunscreen to my face and have a huge white streak in the middle of a red forehead. But through our human weakness God worked. The first way, He worked was the people actually listened to us as we were talking to them on the street. As we passed out tracks, we told them about the VBS and the movie we were having tonight. The second way, He worked was that they actually came to the VBS. The third way, He worked was that they actually listened to what we were saying at the VBS. At VBS we had an opening section where we had testimonies, music, and songs. Then we went into a craft and game time. We decided to play sharks and minnows of the kids. In hindsight, this was not the best idea. Two kids ended up colliding and getting injured… So to avert disaster we moved onto making puppets out of paper bags. The kids enjoyed the craft, but especially a couple leaders having a sticky eye on their foreheads. From there, Becca taught a lesson. And then we had a closing program with more songs (I’m in the Lord’s army is a classic) and testimonies. We were able to tell everyone again about the movie we are having tonight and the VBS were having again tomorrow morning. After finishing the VBS, worked through devotions devotions before the movie night. Movie night may seem like a strange thing to share the gospel with, but we’re doing it several times because it’s really close to Jordan‘s heart – that’s how he was saved as a kid. Tonight, we showed the movie Ferdinand and had an introduction with a funny skit, had testimonies, music, songs. We started the movie and then stopped in the middle, and Jordan then shared the gospel message to the viewers. We then resumed the rest of the movie. Jordan told us that he was expecting half the people to walk out of the room when he started sharing the gospel but only three people left. I mentioned before that we did a funny skit as part of the VBS program- fun fact: we put that skit together in the morning and practiced it twice. The skit was one depicting a hypochondriac at the doctors office and the kids loved it! After movie night we cleaned up really quickly and got back to the hotel and were able to do the second part of our devotions. Reflecting on this day has really showed me that God works through weak people. God doesn’t need us, and it’s so humbling that he is allowing us to be part of sharing his word to other people.

– Sarah Long

2 thoughts on “Mundo Fe’s First VBS

  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for you message.  It is such a privilege for me to be a part of a wonderful youth staff and young people.  Thanks to you and everyone for being availab


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