From Hollywood to Heaven

Saturday afternoon started off with us as a team going to Cot which is a new ministry and continuing our vacation bible school from Thursday and Friday. We started the time off with songs in Spanish. Then we did a funny skit called the “Pain Skit”. It was just a time to get the kids to laugh and focus. Next we sang another couple songs in Spanish with the kids. Then we did a fireworks skit. It was also just for laughs and to have fun. Then we went into a puppet song. Next Andrew went up front and shared his testimony. Jordan translated his testimony for the kids and parents that were at Vacation Bible School. This was a great way to just let the people hear the gospel and how another person came to know Jesus as their personal Savior. After his testimony, we did a puppet skit. It was the story of Jonah. It was great to see the kids pay attention to this great story in the Bible about  Jonah and how sometimes we are like Jonah. We go away from God but he always brings us back to him and what he has called us to do. We then sang Great is Thy Faithfulness in English while Janelle played her violin.  It was just great to sing a hymn to these people telling them about how God is always faithful. Then we as a team performed the everything drama. This drama tells a story of a person that was walking with the Lord and then gets caught up in the things of the world. Things such as romance, money or wealth, self-image and just feeling bad for themselves based on the way they look, and drugs and alcohol. At the end of the skit we see the person receive a Bible from a stranger and they start to read it and start to pray. They come back to Jesus in the end of the skit. This skit shows us how God is always there and whenever we mess up he will always be ready for us to come back to him and to continue our relationship with him. After the skit, Kayla shared her testimony and about how Gymnastics is a huge part in her life and in her story. It was good to hear and let the people know that we can use our talents that God has given us to share his word and the gospel. Then we watched Cars 3 with the kids. Around halfway through the movie Sherri shared her testimony and then the gospel was presented to the people by Jordan our missionary. Next on this night was dinner.We went back the Score Villa for dinner. We had cheese and chicken lasagna. Then we went to do devos. Devotionals started out with Jordan our missionary giving his testimony. Jordan’s story was truly incredible to hear. He was raised Mormon, and his mother was a Mormon missionary. One day he was invited to a movie night at a Christian church in the area. He really didn’t want to go, but he went because there was going to be pizza. He asked his friend to come with him that night but he didn’t come with Jordan. Jordan heard the gospel that night and believed. The next morning he found out that his best friend had passed away the night before. He went to talk to his mom about what he did last night and she kicked him out of their home at 13 years old. Jordan’s grandma then allowed Jordan to stay at her home for two weeks. During those two weeks he got in contact with the pastor from the movie night and asked him for help. The pastor told him to pray about his situation. Jordan was mad and really didn’t want anything to do with God at this moment. The Saturday morning that he needed to leave his grandma’s house by he got a call from a pastor that invited him for breakfast. He ended up moving in with this family and living with them until he turned 19. Jordan lost his best friend, was kicked out of his home, his father passed away and he was very angry with God until he was 19 years old. He was with a group as a missionary and one of the people in the group went to Jordan and told him that he felt like he was supposed to share the gospel with Jordan’s mom. That night she heard the Gospel and believed in Jesus. This was the best day in Jordan’s life. He had been praying for his mom and family for a long time. He is now 27 and his mom and all his brothers and sisters are followers of God. This was so amazing to hear that even though he at one point was very angry at God and even hated God, he is now a missionary sharing the gospel and telling people all over about the God he now loves and serves daily. Please pray for Jordan in this time as he is still serving and seeking God’s will for his life. His story had a huge impacted on the whole group. Then we back to the hotel to settle in for the night and get ready for what God has planned for us tomorrow.

– Ben Webber

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