One Saturday Morning

So this morning we woke up and ate breakfast and we went over how our day is going to go. We were all tired from last night. It was a late night and we worked through the day. After we ate and went over everything we left to go to the orphanage and it was an awesome day at the orphanage. We were there for about half an hour before the kids arrived. We played soccer with just our team and we were jump rope and then the kids arrived. In the beginning we started with jump rope and then after that we did our program. The program went ok, but the kids got rowdy. Our program began with the puppets which went well. We did the prodigal son and a song. The kids really enjoyed it.

Before the puppets we did some songs, Saldado Soy, Canto Muy Feliz, and Tengo Paz. The kids sang along with us and they did the motions with us also. After the songs, Andrew gave his testimony. He did and awesome job. Then Tessa did the Jonah lesson and it went well. They give the kids the little Jonah that pops out of the balloon. Janelle did her song (Great Is Thy Faithfulness) then Sarah did the lesson on Zacchaeus. After that Kayla did a flip and other stuff then she gave her testimony and she did great. After the program was over the kids who best behaved got prizes such as cars and ropes. After the program we did some games such as a shape game. So I think that the ministry went well today. I got to talk to the kids and I had a friend who loved playing with me and he was so happy. So the little boy came to the gym to play with his friends and then he came up to me and said he needs to hide from his buddy.  I feel God led me here to minister and to lead some kids to Christ. It meant a lot to me and I hope I will be able to go again. God has amazing plans for the life of the kids and He will do what He can to help them to grow in His word every day.

– Hunter Alcala

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