Por Todo el Mundo

This morning we were able to return to Iglesia Cristiana La Verdad to worship with Pastor Daniel Gusman Ovares and our brothers and sisters in Cartago. We sang several worship songs with our Tico friends in both English and Spanish. Katie and I had the opportunity to share our testimonies, and Brandon brought a wonderful lesson on faith and trials from the book of James.

After church we drove to Cot to participate in a fair hosted by the Policia. We were able to pass out tracts while doing face-painting, lunch bag puppets, balloon animals and more. The ministry in Cot is fairly new and we have been the first team from the States to work with the ministry and to work alongside the Police. It has been an honor to work alongside officers who are so concerned with helping those in their district. We would ask that you pray for Jordan and his ministry in Cot and his ministry to the Policia. The Lord has been gracious in opening up new doors for Jordan to share Christ.

This trip has been an amazing experience. An experience I will treasure forever. I want to thank all of you for allowing Brandon & Sherri, and Maribeth & I to serve alongside the rest of the team. We have been able to see timid teens transform into focused fisherman. We have a very talented team, and it has truly been an honor to see each of them allow their talents to be used to serve God. A few days ago our team had the opportunity to walk through Cot handing out tracks and inviting individuals to the church for services, movie night, and VBS. The team did an excellent job getting vehicles to stop, going into local shops, and running down steep streets to catch pedestrians, all in an effort to share the Gospel. We were even able to share with a Catholic priest, and a guy on a street corner brandishing a machete. Each team of Gringos was partnered with local Ticos from one of Jordan’s youth groups. It was incredible to see the teams heart, not for sharing a religion, but for sharing their relationship with Christ.

Religion, and even “Christianity,” can have a very negative connotation in Costa Rica. The country is heavily influenced by Catholicism and Mormonism. These religions have twisted the truth of the Bible.  Cartago is about 80% Catholic, 7% Mormon, and about 1.5% Christian. Each time I have traveled on a missions trip I am reminded of the vast expanse of God’s love. His love is for all the world. Maribeth and I found it very difficult to leave our two boys, even for this very short time, and even though we knew they would be loved and very well cared for in our absence. Can you imagine the love of our Father who sent his only son to this world, to be abused, mocked, ridiculed, and crucified? But He did not stay on that cross, He did not stay dead. He died, was buried, and rose again the third day according to the Scriptures. It was His love for all the world that he came. And it is for all the world that He offers the free gift of salvation. It is in this that we celebrate, and this that we share, to all the world.

– Dan Davis

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